Saturday, July 20, 2013

Busy Summer!!

I have totally been slacking this summer on updating the blog. I'm so sorry!

Since my last post, I finished my 5th school year teaching at Bowman, completed another session teaching summer school, attended my first birth for my best friends as her doula, attended the New Kids on The Block concert with my cousins and aunt, chopped 10 inches off my hair, went to visit my mom and grandma in Coalgate, Oklahoma, and lots of other fun activities with the boys!

Tucker is growing up so fast! It is hard to believe he is almost a year old. He is crawling EVERYWHERE, has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom, baby talks all the time, pulls himself up to his knees, waves bye-bye when prompted, and loves playing with Atticus.
Atticus is so excited that Tucker is playing, but likes to hoard the toys sometimes! He thinks he is hilarious(which is pretty accurate!) and loves to entertain people and make them laugh. He is super smart and has this crazy memory! Atticus took swim lessons in Oklahoma and attended VBS at my grandmother's church. He had a busy week and loved getting to hang with his Dede!
On a more serious note, a few weeks ago, a girl I used to work with at Teen Mops lost her 3 month old baby to SIDS. Ever since then I have been more aware of the little things with the boys and savored each and every moment. I have been thanking God daily for each moment he gives me to watch over these sweet precious angels, realizing that they could be taken to meet our Father at any given moment. For not my will, but His.