Friday, November 22, 2013

Halloween and all things Fall

This fall seemed to go by quickly, as it seems winter weather has arrived here in North Texas. Atticus chose to dress up as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year.
He loved trick or treating and apparently had to potty here :)
He was a pro at saying "trick or treat" and "thank you", but when people asked who he was he would reply, "I'm Atticus!"
Tucker was originally supposed to be a pumpkin, but that did not fit him for long. He ended up going trick or treating as "Farmer Ted" a character from his Lego book. 
We also attended the annual "Trunk or Treat" event at our church. There Tucker was a pumpkin.
Atticus enjoyed the evening with his buddy Rylin, aka Optimus Prime.

 There were games, bounce houses, a petting zoo, and candy!
We also got to spend some time with my mom, aka Dede, this fall.
We first took a weekend trip to Oklahoma and saw Grandma Hudson and Mom.
Grandma loved Tucker's snuggles!

Bath time with Dede was fun too, at least for Tucker ;)

Then a few weeks later, Mom came down to visit for the day. We met up with her and my nieces, Madison and Kaylin for lunch at McDonalds.
 Dede had fun playing with all the kids!
Madison and Kaylin loved seeing the boys!!

Atticus thought this was a hat :)

We had a great fall and are now preparing for Atticus' birthday, Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Perot Museum Visit

While Daddy went to Honduras on a mission trip with our church, I took a few days off to spend with the boys. We ended up visiting the Perot Museum with some good friends and had a blast!!

Atticus loved riding the Dart train downtown!

The Perot is very much a "hands on" museum. Atticus and Rylin had a blast exploring and learning all about how things worked.

The boys were truly in awe of the dinosaurs! Heck even I was astonished at the size close up.

The sports area is really cool. They have this mini track where you get to pick an animal or person to race against. Rylin and Atticus chose T-Rex :)

There was even a play area for Tucker!

They had a huge water table that entertained them for a long while.

Do you think Tucker had a good time?? :)
My good friend Deliahna was also with us with her daughter Adelay and another friend Bea, but for some reason I don't have any pictures of them!
We will definitely be visiting the museum again!