Friday, October 25, 2013

Adventures of Fall 2013 with Friends

A few posts in 1 day never hurt anyone right?? :)

Fall has been so busy! It is definitely the season for parties, festivals, and just being outdoors. Here is a little bit of recap of our fall!

Atticus can successfully write his name on his own! :)

Mimo came for a visit! Atticus was awaiting her arrival and Tucker got lots of hugs and kisses.

I just added this one for fun :) Dadda is so silly!

Tucker likes "attacking" his brother.
In September, Plano has an annual Balloon Festival that we attended with our friends, The Taylors. The new wagon, which we purchased at a resale shop for dirt cheap, was a hit!

 We love playing with Playdoh, legos, and enjoying the weather outside.

 I know Tucker, I know :)

Happy Fall to all!

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