Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All things winter!

Well winter has been...interesting to say the least here in Texas. We have gone back and forth from 70s to ice back to 70s and now in the teens and 20s. Here is a recap of what our winter has contained so far.

The first weekend in December was "supposed" to run my very first full marathon, but thanks to the Icemaggedon that we incurred, we spent most of the weekend cuddled on the couch and staying warm. The one exception was when Brian took Atticus over to The Taylor's house to play in the ice. Little did I know, it was for the big boys, not the kids!
 Atticus and Leighton had more fun eating the ice! Yum......
Tucker had his first haircut! People were starting to refer to him as "our daughter" in public, because of his cute curls. Daddy didn't like that one bit, so Momma gave in.

Then the weather was nice for awhile and we had many park and outside play days!

His bike that he got from Dede last year, ended up being too little already! Guess Tucker can use it next year!

I will post Christmas pictures as soon as I get them all saved in one place!

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