Friday, January 10, 2014

Atticus turns 4!

Will my first born turn 4 about 5 weeks ago. This year his birthday was on Thanksgiving.  Our plans changed at the last minute for Thanksgiving and we ended up having Thanksgiving lunch at our house with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. I made a big spread of ham and all the fixins, along with a birthday cake for Attie and a sugar-free pecan pie for my father-in-law, who is diabetic. Pecan Pie is his favorite and you can't find it sugar-free very often, so I tried a new recipe. It turned out to be a hit! :)

The morning of Atticus' birthday, he woke up to his bedroom door decorated with streamers and balloons on the floor! He was so excited and felt so special! 
For his birthday, Atticus requested a "chocolate chip" cake. I found a recipe and made him his homemade cake on his birthday.
We had his birthday party the following Saturday at a Fire Station in Wylie. BEST.....IDEA......EVER! The cost=Free! They ask for donations to the Friends of Wylie Fire Rescue so instead of gifts for his birthday(he didn't need ANYTHING, especially with his birthday close to Christmas), we asked people to make a donation. We ended up raising $150 for them!
Atticus had some of his closest friends and family their to celebrate with us!The kids had a blast talking with the fireman, although a few were confused and thought they were policemen since they weren't wearing their fire suits. :)

The firemen gave a safety lesson and the kids learned all about the firemen and the firestation.

We also had snacks and an awesome birthday cake made by my grandmother, Susan. 

I had also seen on Pinterest this interview to ask your kids on thier birthday. It was quite entertaining, but here are his answers:
What is your name? Atticus Hobbs
How old are you now? 4
What is your favorite color? white
What is your favorite animal? a cow
Favorite Book? Zebra says SHHH
TV Show? Sofia the First (Brian loves this
What is your brother's name? Baby Tucker
What is your favorite thing to do with him? Play with him
What does Daddy do during the day? Work on cars
What does Mommy do during the day? Go to work
What does Mommy do at work? Eat
Who is your best friend? Rylin
What do you like to do with Rylin? Watch TV
Who are your other friends? Adelay, Leighton, Carson
What is your favorite song? Spiderman (no idea what he is talking about!!)
Favorite food? Quesadillas
Favorite toy? Chupacobbla (aka...Chupacabra from Planes)

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